Friday, January 30, 2009

I walk the streets to stop my weeping....

Song title and artist?

So, I haven't posted in a while, the reasons for this are as complex as they are tediously boring - but in a breathtaking example of simplification it can all be attributed to laziness, busyness and a general lack of inclination and/or inspiration.

In case anyone reading my blog wants to know what happened with the work I had to do (see last post) - I ended up spending pretty much the whole night (i got under 2 hours sleep) before the deadline editing it because those in my group tasked with the crucial final check had been somewhat slack - a case in point being instead of a proper source and reference for a figure we used, there was just a question mark... yeah, I know.

But anyway, who cares? That's all ancient history now.

Here's a list of things I've either learnt or had re-enforced recently;

1. Norse mythology is so much better than any of the boring stories christianity has ever come up with. (I read The Poetic Edda over the christmas holidays)

2. The new Queen and Paul Rodgers album The Cosmos Rocks is a very good album, definately worth a listen.

3. The only 'meaning of life' we ever have is the meaning that we, ourselves, give to life.

4. It's possible to construct a little fort out of unread books, it's also a fun activity and well worth the time it takes to plan and build it.

5. Women can be very confusing.

6. Buying bottles of wine in cases of 12 may sound like a good idea....and it is.

7. The average cat is probably smarter than the average human.

8. Daydreaming your childhood and youth away is a real waste, especially if you have/had plans for the future.

9. The River Thames has a real intangible beauty on cold and crisp very late evenings or early mornings.

10. Firefly is the greatest tv series there has ever been, fact.

Well, i've reached my 'blog filler limit' for today.

See you space cowboys...


Sharon said...

Hey AP,

I read through your list and found myself agreeing with everything up to #10. I have never seen Firefly and now I feel I must.

I was just at HMV yesterday. I suppose now I'll have to make another trip to look for this series on DVD.


Apathy Personified said...

Hey Sharon,
Thanks for the comment :)

Firefly is excellent - they only made one series before the bastards at Fox cancelled it. There is also a film called 'Serenity' that is set two months after the series ended.