Saturday, November 22, 2008

But I don't sense affection, No gratitude or love

Title - Song name and artist?

Today, I have pretty much nothing to say - Too many things have annoyed me recently to single something out and subject it to one of my clumsy and incoherent attempts at a rant.

Anyway, I'd like to share a few things that I've learnt recently: -

1. Turns out that I'm all about drinking straight Vermouth, no ice, no gin/vodka/etc., just Vermouth.

2. Allegedly I'm enigmatic. Yeah - that perplexed me aswell. I vehemently disagreed, my defense was that I'm like an open 'colouring in' book - simple, everyone can read me and containing no surprises.

3. Cats are the greatest creatures on Earth or anywhere else (well, I knew that already but it needed repeating).

4. Jokes about Josef Fritzl (Austrian cellar man) are very funny.

5. Harry Redknapp (new Spurs manager) is the closest thing to the idea of god that humanity can ever reach.

6. There's a large Sainsbury's not that far from my flat, just a bit out of the way from my usual routes.

7. It is possible to quote from the film Anchorman as a form of protest against the menial courses that the department forces upon final year students. (It was actually my mate who did this)

8. The Thames is a wonderful river to walk along on a brisk and cold November day.

9. Some stuff about symmetries, tensors, normal co-ordinates and field theories.

10. Christmas is coming, look busy. (For evidence of this see previous post... or a calender will inform you how much time must elapse before it is the day of the 25th December 2008)

Anyway, sorry for posting what is clearly 'filler' material. I'd like to say that soon i'll be back to posting at my best, but we all know that's not saying much - I've set the bar pretty low on the whole interesting/quality/coherent writing front.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Time takes a cigarette, puts it in your mouth,...

Post title - Who can tell me the original artist and the name of the song?

I haven't posted in about a month, unfortunately I've been quite busy. Another reason that I haven't posted is that nothing interesting or blogworthy has happened to me over the last few weeks.

So anyway........ let's talk about something.

A few weeks ago I realised that Christmas was coming, that's right - Starbucks changed all the menus to include all the christmas specials (and sneakily raised a few prices of the regular drinks), the takeaway paper cups are now the red christmassy ones and the music being played in the background is now a really, really annoying mix of christmas tunes - Therefore it must be christmas soon.

To strengthen my assertion that christmas will be among us soon, all the supermarkets are now selling those useless giftsets that are only ever bought because people lack the creativity to buy a real present for someone - and wrapping paper, every store has metres and metres of wrapping paper for sale.

I'm fairly indifferent to the whole christmas thing, when it was just a 12 day binge and pigout called yuletide I positively approved - but then the religions came, stole it and turned it into some shitty ceremony celebrating the alleged birth of some glorified cult leader who may or may not have even existed, at that point I lost interest.

I think we do have to be grateful to the many national and multinational companies that are really working hard to commercialise the whole holiday season, removing any (and hopefully all) religious connatations and making it all about plastic green trees, cheap fairy lights and doing all your shopping in the space of 10 minutes on

But anyway, christmas comes and christmas goes - It's just enough day to me really, though getting presents makes it slightly better.

Ok, nothing more to say.