Saturday, December 13, 2008

To quote an occasionally wise philosopher, 'They couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery'

It's 11.40pm local time on a saturday night and i'm taking a brief break from my work to complain about it - I shall be up late working on it, then shall be getting up early on a sunday morning to go into Uni for a full days work with the rest of my project group. Anyway, now to complain about the work.

It's fucking shit, honestly it's so ridiculously awful that for the first time in my life my colourful and expansive use of certain areas of the English language has failed to find the right words to describe it.

To rub salt into the gaping rusty serrated knife wound that are the tasks they require us to do - the course fluctuates between being very poorly organised (hence the title of this post) to showing no signs of organisation at all.

The course is mandatory for the final year students - It's nothing at all to do with physics, just another stupid attempt at 'adding value' to our degree program or giving us the chance to 'develop professional skills'.

FACT - The premise of the course is total bollocks. Doing unrealistic and pointless tasks does not do anything for us, especially when we don't receive adequate (or any) feedback on what we hand in.

It takes up such a disproportionate amount of time and the people running it have consistantly not shown up (clearly they don't have access to the timetable that THEY WROTE) to lectures or have emailed 10 minutes before to cancel one - when most people are already on their way to the lecture theatre.

Anyway, that's enough from me for now. I wish I had more time to construct a full flowing rant (just wait until they hand out the course feedback forms - i'm really going to town on that, and I certainly won't be the only one) but the hand in for a big report is on wednesday so I best get back to it.

Take it sleazy everyone.


TheWhitePearl said...

aaaah I feel for you! But heck this is your last week before break so, cheer up! Slap a smile on your face and go get some vermouth.



I'm going to go think about if I want to post something or not.

Apathy Personified said...

Ha - I'm likely to just forget the smile and slap myself in the face. Vermouth would be good - but I have to work tonight aswell :(.

You should definately post something, the people of the internet deserve to hear about all your antics and shenanigans.

TheWhitePearl said...

shenanigans? I've got a shenangian story for you-hold on.

Though I suspect me writing it will not be as funny as re-enacting it.

Diacanu said...

Stop deleting your new fucking entries!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love, Diacanu.

Apathy Personified said...


Sorry - I wrote it in a rush, posted it then made myself a coffee. By the time I'd finished the coffee and reread the post I realised what utter bollocks it was (it was bad, even by my poor standards), so I thought it had to go.

I submit my humblest apologies again, kind sir, and i'll try not to do it again.